Free webinar: How to motivate the team during an ePMA implementation

Free webinar: How to motivate the team during an ePMA implementation?

Published May 07, 2019
Uroš Bonšek
Uroš Bonšek

Digital transformation is not only in the technology but also in the people, the right team, and in the willingness to accept the change as something good.

Register for the recording of the webinar 'How to motivate the team during an ePMA implementation' where David Chalkley, deputy CCIO and Digital Clinical Safety Lead at Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust, explained how the ePMA implementation in a GDE went from the first day till today; who was and still is in the ePMA implementation team, what are their skills, how leads build and motivate the team, who were the biggest opponents and how they dealt with them, and how to spread awareness about the implementation within the hospital. The webinar was hosted by Anže Droljc, Business Development Director at Better by Marand.

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You are also kindly invited to join us for the ePMA community event 'ePMA: From Tender to a Successful Rollout' taking place in Skills Matter, London on 1 October 2019.

The opening address will be given by Ann Slee, Associate CCIO (Medicines), NHS England, who will tell you about the challenges and benefits of ePMA solutions, including the policy context. The event will end with two hands-on workshops and is, of course, free of charge.

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Uroš Bonšek

Written by Uroš Bonšek

Uros Bonsek has worked in the public and non-governmental sectors and the industry as an idea maker, and communication and branding strategist for 13 years. He believes that the future of healthcare lies in leveraging the power of digital technologies to exchange and use healthcare data for achieving seamless care coordination and constant innovation to ensure the best possible healthcare coverage for all. He is a strong defender of the opinion that good marketing is first about the story and content, then about the analytics.

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