FHIR + openEHR

FHIR and openEHR are complementary — combine both to create an open, interoperable eco-system where data is long-lived, computable, and easily understood.

A combination of standards is required in order to help solve the complex problems in healthcare. FHIR has seen huge adoption and is well supported across a host of different apps and wearables. As care continues to be delivered outside of the hospital and closer to the patient, we will see the emergence of vast new streams of data. The answer is not to use openEHR to manage the exchange or transmission of all this data. Equally, the answer is not to use FHIR to store all of it together. We need to combine FHIR and openEHR together.

Read all about how FIHR and openEHR can work together and what are the specifics of both standards in a blog by our CTO Alastair Allen: FHIR + openEHR.

At HIMSS Europe this year we will be launching a new product to address these challenges in an open, vendor-neutral, and re-usable way. A core focus has been how to leverage the tooling and investment that already exists around FHIR and especially to leverage the use-cases where it is being used to connect to and exchange information with different systems (e.g IoMT, DICOM, Legacy data etc). We see FHIR as an important exchange mechanism that helps enable an over-arching vision that data should be for life. Stay tuned for more details.

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