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Free webinar: Blockchain in healthcare

Published June 06, 2019
Jaka Kladnik
Jaka Kladnik

Blockchain and Healthcare, there are a lot of theories, theses, opinions. We all know that blockchain is the future technology and we also know that it is a perfect fit for healthcare on many levels, mainly due to the immutability of the data, and its permanent existence for the lifetime of a patient. 

Register for the recording of the webinar 'Blockchain in Healthcare' where Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, CEO and founder of Medicalchain, explained how they are going to use blockchain as technology in their solution and what problems can be solved by blockchain, based on real cases that he faces daily as an NHS GP.

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Jaka Kladnik

Written by Jaka Kladnik

Digital Marketing expert, who thinks that health data should be open and available for innovation.

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