Why are healthcare providers increasingly adopting a digital health platform?

Better was recently named a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Digital Health Platforms. We are proud to be recognised by such a well-respected organisation, and we are committed to continuing to improve our digital health platform to provide the best possible healthcare experience for citizens as well as health and care professionals.

One thing the pandemic taught us is that accelerated digital transformation in healthcare is possible. Organisations that were able to respond quickly to the initial wave and subsequent variations were often those who had the technology platforms that enabled innovation in areas such as patient engagement, data analytics, and virtual care.

This was possible because of the independence that well implemented platforms provide – they put the organisations in control of their transformation without dependency on third party vendors. At the core of this are good data and supporting platform tools that allow this data to be used in a secure and governed way to quickly solve business problems.

However, the pandemic was just the tip of the iceberg, demand on front-line services is at a record high and under-resourced workforce is facing growing pressure. To address these challenges, healthcare providers need to accelerate the pace of clinical and business transformation and are increasingly adopting a DHP approach to support this.

Gartner describes DHP as “a new architectural approach to deploy digital capabilities using modern cloud services rapidly”. They highlight that while it represents a major shift in how organisations will build and buy applications, it will allow them to realise value faster when responding to “strategic imperatives and external uncertainties”.

Read the article, where Better CTO Alastair Allen explores why healthcare providers are increasingly adopting a digital health platform (DHP) approach, he looks at how Gartner defines a DHP, and dives inside the Better DHP to understand how its technical capabilities helped it make the Gartner market guide. 

You can find the article here: How Better made the Gartner Market Guide for Digital Health Platforms.

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