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"Good data is key to improving how care is delivered across the population"

Better and Parsek join forces to improve care coordination and decision-making on open data

How we used our design system and low code building tool for long term clinical data collection and visualisation

Building a design system for digital solutions in healthcare

Why a content style guide needs to be part of the design system

Interoperability requires more than just sending health data from one database to another

Better Meds is live in South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Introducing FHIR Connect

ePMAs are crucial to tackling overprescribing in the NHS

FHIR + openEHR

When customers blow you away

DisTEMIST challenge: 2nd place for the Better Team and their NLP innovation

Better Meds the only ePMA system in the UK already offering integration with EPS for secondary acute care

Better and NTT DATA join forces to give greater prominence to data in the healthcare sector

Cattedra project: Better Platform used to set up registries for rare diseases for children in the area of pediatric rheumatology

"With Better Meds, my daily workflow has been optimised"

Better developed an application for health assessment of the elderly using its low-code EHR Studio

Digital is gold, but data is the new currency

Data for life, stored on a digital platform

Turning healthcare IT architecture inside out

Better wins Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust EPMA contract

Accelerating innovation in healthcare using low-code development

The Christie selects Better platform to support EHR modernisation

Digital health platforms give real time access to data and enable quick sharing of information

Single Active Medication List – making care safer and more efficient

Better to support Charité, Vivantes and other university hospitals with setting up a digital progress hub in cardiology

Better startet mit guter Auftragslage ins Jahr 2022

Suffolk and North East Essex ICS collaborate with Better to create an integrated care planning platform

Why openEHR is Eating Healthcare

Better Receives Microsoft Partner Network Gold Competency

Better wins contract to implement shared care plan solution for OneLondon

Both women and men should exploit the power of technology to create a better world

Short report: Collaborating for the Improvement of Medication Safety

How can clinical decision support improve antimicrobial prescribing?

An HTN award for our ePMA solution Better Meds

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust führt COVID-19-Bewertungs- und Berichterstattungsdienst im gesamten Trust ein, um die schnelle Reaktion auf COVID-19 zu unterstützen

Malta entscheidet sich für Better openEHR

Die Medizinische Hochschule Hannover entwickelt eigenständig eine kardiologische Anamneseanwendung

Build better health and care applications faster

Somerset NHS FT observes improvements after deploying digital nursing forms

From eHealth week: Open data models – enablers for easier secondary use of data

Better releases its proprietary openEHR resources as open source

Lancashire and South Cumbria Health & Care Partnership contract Better for regional medicines record platform

Built on top of Better Platform, Slovenia launches its national EU Digital COVID Certificate for over 2 million citizens in only three weeks

Better will help to consolidate and improve the availability of clinical and research data in Germany

What can we do to reduce medication errors?

Better contracted to deliver clinical data repository for Wales

First Databank provides Multilex clinical decision support into Better Meds prescribing system

Open data is a mighty asset in healthcare

ReStart and Better announce a partnership to improve data interoperability within the NHS

Better, the market-leading open data platform provider for healthcare, is expanding to Germany

“We have everything in place for fast growth: brand recognition, references, an offer of advanced products, and a great team.”

How do we ensure robust health data security?

Better Issues a Major Revamp to Its Better EHR Studio, Streamlining the Creation and Usage of Digital Clinical Forms and Queries

DMEA, One of the Biggest European Digital Health Events, Will Be Held on 7-11 June

UM, PTL & Better Working Together to Train Maltese Students on Digital Health

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS FT to implement Better Meds ePMA in move towards fully-digital data ecosystem

Healthcare IT has been underfunded in Europe. Now the money is here, but the countries are not ready

Development Partnership Between Better and Omnicell Will Drive Safety and Efficiency in Medication Administration Process in Hospitals

Why won’t medication management be easier in the future, and what can you do about it?

Matt Hancock at Rewired: Separate the Data from the Applications

An Open Data Platform Enables Moscow to Respond Rapidly to the COVID-19 Crisis

Unlocking the Power of Data

Re-Thinking the Architecture of Healthcare IT

Better Meds starts its New Zealand journey 

The Use of Real-Time Data and Open Standards for Cancer Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Optimisation of Hospital Admission by Digitalising Assessment Forms

Join the Digital Health Community at Rewired 2021, 15-19 March

Composable Architecture for Health and Care

How Better Is Helping to Deal with the “Compassion Crisis” in Healthcare

How to Establish Digital Support for an ICS by September

openEHR as the Foundation for a Virtual Personal Health Record

Better Platform Enables Rapid Response for COVID-19 Pandemic with Data Management Support to Screen Results in Slovenia

The WHO and ITU Publish the Digital Health Platform Handbook

The Hannover Medical School Independently Develops a Cardiology Anamnesis Application

Healthcare is Entering a Post-EHR Era

Better is a Partner for Establishing a National Research Platform to Monitor COVID-19 in Germany

Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine

Telemedicine: From Electronic Health Records to Better Patient Care

What Has 2020 Taught Us?

“It is time to reimagine healthcare,” prof. Robert Wachter, MD, at the openEHR 2020 Digital Event

Structured Data is the Key for Advanced Research: Finding Normative Values

The Seven Steps to Implementing Agile Health and Care Digital Ecosystems

Better Nominated for DIGITALEUROPE’s Future Unicorn Award 2021

Better Platform wins at the 4th Commonwealth Digital Health Awards 2020 for Malta’s national digital health platform implementation

OPENeP was rebranded to Better Meds

Webinar: Slovenia’s ground-breaking solutions in healthcare technology

Oxford Health Joins South London and Maudsley in Choosing Better to Revolutionise e-Prescribing

Open Data and Digital Technology as Enablers for Better Care

Better Platform recognised in the 2020 Gartner Hype Cycle for Healthcare Providers as an Example Provider for digital health platform

South Tees NHS Foundation Trust Selects Better Meds

Invitation: ECH Alliance Digital Health Society Virtual Summit

Invitation: openEHR 2020 Digital Event

What is the future of digital medication management?

Wye Valley NHS Trust going live with Better Meds in record time

How digital transformation can improve the work of medical teams

Invitation: HLTH VRTL 2020

Europe against cancer: recognising the importance of innovation in healthcare

Better EHR Studio now enables mobile and tablet viewing

5 Impacts of The Human Factor You Can Expect in Healthcare IT Adoption

Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2020: A glimpse into the future of seamless patient medication reconciliation

Gornik: “While working remotely, the hardest thing is to maintain the company’s internal rhythm.”

A glimpse into the future of seamless patient medication data exchange

Gornik: »Pri delu od doma je najtežje ohraniti notranji utrip podjetja«

Top tips on organising a Clinical Engagement Day

The pandemic elevates the importance of quality data

Better EHR Studio now supports saving data to external servers

Cambio and Better announced a partnership to further empower clinical teams to provide better care

Better Platform is now available on Microsoft AppSource to help healthcare organizations unlock their data

ePMA implementation: maintaining motivation and managing negative feedback

eZdravje je naša neizkoriščena priložnost

Nemška aplikacija za COVID-19 na slovenski platformi

Pandemija je pospešila digitalizacijo zdravstva

ECH Alliance Webinar: Pop-Up Ecosystem “Matching supply & demand in COVID times”

Modelling tool available as a free-of-charge cloud service for openEHR archetype development

The new release of Better EHR Studio introduces multi-page support

Momentum building for a new approach to EHRs

ePMA implementation: team formation and communication

Better and Liverpool John Moores University partner to train students in ePrescribing

Slovenian eHealth infrastructure is our untapped opportunity

HiGHmed consortium to use Better Platform for providing data for COVID-19 related purposes

openEHR-based health data exchange in Finland

Integration with the pharmacy system improves patient safety

Italian Brotzu Hospital in Sardinia is using an application for COVID-19 data collection developed by Inpeco and running on Better Platform

Being Better

Entscheiderfabrik event: How digital transformation in healthcare can help improve patient outcomes

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust launches COVID-19 assessment and reporting service across trust to support the rapid response to COVID-19

The new release of Better EHR Studio simplifies medical data import and calculation development

Better released major update of Better Platform EHR server

A perspective on the openEHR approach and modular software development

A time for change is never more needed than now

COVID-19-related preventive measures at Better

Better to provide a clinical registry application Pathfinder for the international CATTEDRA project

Benefits of unlocking the health data

Proper dose for each patient: a key step for precision medicine

Rewired 2020: how to make best of breed work successfully?

Join us at the openEHR Day Nordics

De-merger as an opportunity for growth

Over 10 million patients to access their health data supported by Better Platform

What will 2020 bring for healthcare?

Is a mega-suite enough to really transform Healthcare?

Wye Valley NHS Trust selects Better Meds

Better Ltd appoints Matt Cox as the UK and Ireland Managing Director

openEHR and Postmodern EHR in practice: Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust Case

Merry December at Better

Sharing knowledge and best practice

Red Dot Design Award Ceremony

Better Platform™ DevDays

The main benefit for clinical teams will be ordering of medications from the pharmacy with a single click

Free webinar: Blockchain in healthcare

Blockchain in Healthcare

By knowing what to expect, you and your team will be better prepared for an ePMA implementation

Effective digital transformation takes place first in people, then in technology

Free webinar: How to motivate the team during an ePMA implementation?

Malta goes openEHR with Better

In Taunton, they no longer wish to see the paper medical chart ever again

Application-centric and data-centric interoperability

Webinar summary: “Electronic medication management (ePMA) implementation takes at least seven to nine months”

Why is medication management more demanding in mental health trusts?

“People still wait for up to 10 hours for discharge.”

Medication discrepancies: up to 67% of patients coming to the hospital have them

Seven things to think about before buying an ePMA

Webinar summary: ‘Why do we need ePMA?’ with Duncan Cripps and Roko Malkoč

David Chalkley: ‘When implementing an ePMA system, you need to invest in a good team and establish as broad an ownership and engagement as possible’

How to choose the right device for your hospital?

Electronic prescribing saves lives, so make the first step with a gap analysis

Dr. Kalan: ‘The right healthcare applications can enhance hospital processes up to 50%'

Paperless hospital: giving medical teams more time with patients

A CIO’s journey towards a paperless hospital starts with developing an IDCR

Key takeaways from the ‘OpenEHR within a mature NHS Ecosystem – the Plymouth Perspective’ conference

Towards the Right Dose of Precision Medicine

The journey to a paperless hospital – The importance of having a proven rollout methodology

Inpeco partners up with Better: reliable data supporting diagnostic process and care

The journey to a paperless hospital - How to identify and address the challenges shaping technology adoption in a clinical environment

The journey to a paperless hospital – where to begin, even if you are already on the way

Successfully Achieving HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6 Certification Using a Clinical System Based on an Open Platform – the Journey to Becoming a Paperless Hospital

Better Platform to underpin Electronic Medical Record solutions for FamilyDOC clinics in the Philippines

What a Comprehensive Medication Management System Is, and Why You Need It

The Journey to a Paperless Hospital: Why Medication Management is the Key

Postmodern EHR: Solving the feral systems dilemma

7 key features that are crucial for a quick adoption of an electronic medication management system

The Postmodern EHR: The Data Layer

7 features every medication management solution must have

The Postmodern EHR:  What are the enablers?

The Postmodern EHR: What can Health IT learn from the evolution of the ERP market?

Digital business in healthcare - are we there yet?